Women-STEM-Award 2022
Thematic fields of the future

Digital leadership, Human factor and IT security, Helpdesk monitoring , Data science in HR, IT, procurement, etc., Digital upskilling

Women’s STEM Award 2022

The Women's STEM Award is going into the next round. In cooperation with Uniper SE, we are looking for outstanding national and international female STEM students and graduates with innovative ideas! Your bachelor's thesis, master's thesis or creative development of a concept deals with one of the following topics:


Digital leadership

Human factor and IT security

Helpdesk monitoring

Data science in HR, IT, procurement, etc.

Digital upskilling


The topics in brief

Digital leadership - ideas are needed on how managers can translate their staff organisation into the digital world in order to control processes in real time using KPIs. The question is: How can the "digital leaders" and their employees digitally optimise the work processes in everyday life?

People and IT security - how can technologies be used to minimise sources of error caused by the human factor and to react quickly to IT risks?

Helpdesk monitoring - so-called "low-level" IT incidents are time-consuming and often annoying. Solutions are sought on how to reduce the number of requests that arrive at the helpdesk team.

Datascience in HR, IT, procurement, etc. - Data is the key! We are looking for creative minds who enjoy solving cross-departmental use cases related to datascience.

Digital upskilling - an excellent IT base for employees is available. Unfortunately, many do not have the skills to take full advantage of what is on offer. How can staff be encouraged to participate in IT training? How should the training courses be designed so that they can be individually linked to the employees' previous knowledge?



Prizes & Participation

Main prize: 3,000 euros


The best submission - regardless of the topic for which it was submitted - will be rewarded with prize money of 3,000 euros. Second and third place will be awarded 2,000 and 1,000 euros respectively. Simply send your complete work and your CV to Ivo Leidner, the project manager of the award. He will answer all your questions about taking part: leidner@audimax.de. The deadline for entries is 29 August 2022, after which the jury will review all the entries and select the winners. They will be notified in writing and invited to the award ceremony. All female students and graduates of STEM subjects (mathematics, information technology, natural sciences and technology) worldwide are allowed to participate.


All conditions of participation can be found here.


Uniper SE

As an international energy company, Uniper SE is committed to actively driving forward the energy transition and ensuring current and future security of supply. We are convinced that our projects and sustainable changes can only be realised with the help of the individual views, ways of thinking, competences and experiences of each team member. We learn from each other and develop together to achieve measurable goals. Diversity and inclusion are not only a priority at Uniper, but are actively practised as substantial components of the corporate culture. Equal opportunities and a working environment in which everyone feels valued and respected are key factors for innovation, creativity and the best possible promotion of our employees' individual potential. Whether at Uniper's operating locations, in the office or at home - regardless of where they work, our team is always connected to each other through the jointly developed understanding of our corporate culture, the "Uniper Way". Join us on the path to a decarbonised energy future. Energy evolution starts with U! www.uniper.energy/career

Key facts about Uniper

- Active in more than 40 countries, with the largest presence in Germany, Sweden and the UK

- Around 33 gigawatts of power generation capacity (roughly equivalent to the total capacity of the Netherlands)

- Power generation in Europe to be CO2 neutral by 2035

- 400 terrawatt hours of natural gas in the portfolio, enough to heat 22 million homes (based on average consumption in Germany).

- 7.8 billion cubic metres of underground gas storage capacity (Germany, UK, Austria)

- 11,500 employees

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MINT Zukunft schaffen

The initiative MINT Zukunft schaffen (STEM creating the future) has devoted itself to one of the most pressing problems facing the German economy, namely the lack of skilled professionals in STEM subjects. In response, it offers a broad platform for a wide range of individual initiatives. We have been actively involved since its foundation.