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Cloud, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Networks of the Future

Women’s STEM Award 2021

At the virtual prize giving on June 11th, we announced this year’s winners in the categories "Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Cyber Security, Internet of Things and Networks of the Future". Around 160 female graduates from 25 countries competed for the overall victory this time.


Congratulations to our seven winners for their excellent theses:

  • Overall winner: Hira Siddiqui (Technical University of Dresden)

Master Thesis: Credentials as a Service (CaaS)


  • #1/top Artificial Intelligence: Adna Bliek (University of Groningen, Netherlands & Umeå University Sweden)

Master Thesis: Backchanneling in Human-Robot Interaction

  • #1/top Cloud: Susanne Rothmund (Technical University of Berlin)

Master Thesis: Scaling Criteria for Edge Computing

  • #1/top Cyber Security: Tanja Wildner (Technical University of Darmstadt)

Master Thesis: Applicability of IoT Security Frameworks as Guidelines for Penetration Testing

  • #1/top IoT: Jana Eisoldt (University of Magdeburg)

Bachelor Thesis: Secure Commissioning of IoT Devices

  • #1/top Networks of the Future: Hannah Brunner (University of Graz, Austria)

Master Thesis: Bringing Cross-Technology Communication to Life: Implementation of a Gateway-Free Smart Home using Off-The-Shelf Devices


Special Acknowledgement Prize

The jury has decided to award a special prize in addition for a thesis that has achieved great scientific results under difficult conditions. A recognition to support young women in emerging or developing countries.

  • #1/top Special Acknowledgement Prize: Chathurangi Ahangama (Sri Lanka)

Bachelor Thesis: Design of a transmitter and a receiver for audio and music applications using light fidelity technology (LI-FI) (category: Networks of the Future)


More insights of the winners can be read here: 



Link to the recording of the virtual prize giving ceremony:




A big thank you to all participants for their overwhelming theses.

We wish you all the best for your career in STEM!

Stay safe!

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Bildschirmaufnahme Gesamtsiegerin Frauen Mint Award 2021 Hira Siddiqui

                     Overall winner: Hira Siddiqui (Technische Universität Dresden)



About the competition
Claudia Nemat, Board member of the Deutsche Telekom AG responsible for Europe and Technology

"Diversity in management teams has a major impact on the innovative power of business enterprises. Companies that foster a monoculture in today's fast-paced and innovative digital economy will be left by the wayside. Diversity means bringing together people of different nationalities, educational backgrounds and genders. We must also make sure that we provide more women with the expertise they need to play an active part in areas where they are still under-represented, for example, the STEM subjects. As a physicist, therefore, I am very pleased to be patron of the Women's STEM Award. My tip to all young women is, be bold. Take the opportunity that STEM offers you – exciting careers and interesting development opportunities await you."


Claudia Nemat, Board Member Deutsche Telekom AG, responsible Technology and Innovation


Cloud technologies have become the new normal in many companies! We are looking for theses in which cloud plays a significant role as an enabler technology in the context of digital transformation. The use of Edge or the cloud layer Iaas, PaaS and SaaS in the development of completely new, disruptive business models or the optimization of existing business models (e.g. in the Corona crisis) are of high interest for us. We are looking forward to practical use cases based on cloud technologies from a wide variety of industries (e.g. automotive & manufacturing, logistics, banking & finance, health, retail, public sector etc.).

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has long been more than just an abstract vision. Solutions from the Industrial Internet allow companies to automate workflows, optimize supply chains by using intelligent software, and deploy their machinery safely and efficiently. We look forward to hearing about how you tackle the topic!

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning, thinking robots and intelligent navigation: in the growth field of Artificial Intelligence, we are looking for scenarios for, and analyses of, the use of artificial intelligence in every sphere of life. What might AI mean for medicine and care, and what might it bring to logistics or the automotive industry? What are the opportunities and risks? Surprise us with a piece of work that pushes the boundaries of possibility!

Cyber Security

Attacks on the information infrastructures in cyber space are becoming increasingly complex and professional. At the same time, companies, state and citizens grow ever more dependent on IT, and so the potential for damage increases accordingly. Cyber security extends the area of activity of traditional IT security to cover all of cyber space. This makes modern information and communications technology practically in its entirety part of cyber space.

Networks of the Future

Demands on the network are rising steadily. In order to cope with the rapidly growing data volumes, the network capacity needs to be constantly increased. In addition, innovations in applications are opening up new possibilities for industry and end customers. Whether in mobile communications with 5G or in the fixed network with vectoring or the fiber-optic rollout – fast Internet connections are crucial to economic and social development.


Sign up here with the following documents:

  • Thesis
  • CV

For further questions about the award or the participation itself please send your requests to Inga Walliser mint@telekom.de.


The following individuals are eligible to participate:

  • Students and graduates of STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) of all universities worldwide.
  • Your thesis (Bachelor / Master thesis or diploma thesis) can be written in Englisch or German. The thesis has been submitted within the last 18 months.
  • Your thesis is related to one of our growth areas of the future: Cloud, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security and Networks of the Future.

Terms of participation (full) (PDF)



  • The most convincing piece of work from one of the growth areas will be awarded 3.000 Euros.
  • In addition, each growth area will be awarded 500 Euros.
  • Special prize Social Impact: 500 Euro for the work that is dedicated to the topic Social Impact in a special way.
  • A jury of experts will review all of the papers submitted and select the winning pieces of work until end of May.
  • We will inform the winners in writing and invite them to our major award ceremony.


FAQ zum Frauen-MINT-Award

Does the thesis have to have been already submitted to the university and marked as of the deadline for applications on 14th March 2021?

Yes, the thesis must have been submitted to the university as of the deadline for applications. But it does not have to have been marked by your supervisor as of this date. However, if it is unmarked, we reserve the right to review it for compliance with scientific conditions.


What kinds of thesis can be submitted?

Bachelor, Master and Diploma theses can be submitted. We will not accept seminar papers, technical or similar work.


Do I have to be a student/graduate of a STEM subject to take part?

Yes. However, your thesis can be written in a non-STEM subject (e.g., social sciences). The key thing is that the subject of the thesis relates to one of our STEM growth areas.


Can I submit a thesis even though it has a non-disclosure note?

Only theses without non-disclosure notes can be submitted.


Who is eligible to take part?

Students and graduates of STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) are entitled to take part. Your thesis can be written in English or German. The thesis has been submitted within the last 18 months.

Furthermore, a CV and form document have to be handed in. Those documents should be written either in English or in German.

Students or university graduates who are in direct contact with the expert jury or are currently writing or have previously written a thesis in collaboration with Deutsche Telekom AG are not eligible to take part.

Terms of participation (full) (PDF)


Related to topic and video of the


Video of the award concession


  • Anna-Lena Bruné
  • Anna-Lena Bruné
    • Vice President Digital Transformation
    • Technology and Innovation
    • Infrastructure
    • Cryptography
    • Complexity Theory
    • Digital Female Leader Award
    • Master of Science Informatics
  • Dr. Jan Hofmann
  • Dr. Jan Hofmann
    • Vice President eCompany Products
    • Products for Digital Transformation
    • Leading Initiative Artificial Intelligence Enterprise
    • Studies in Physics and Product Design
    • PhD Human Computer Interaction
  • Dr. Caren Klingbeil
  • Dr. Caren Klingbeil
    • Head of Indirect Sales & Partnering IoT
    • Partner Management
    • IoT Partner Ecosystem
    • B2B
    • Telekom IoT
    • Agiles Arbeiten
    • Master of Science in Business Administration
    • Dr.rer.pol. Business Administration
  • Thomas Tschersich
  • Thomas Tschersich
    • Chief Security Officer - Deutsche Telekom
    • Managing Director CTO/CSO - Deutsche Telekom Security
    • Chairman of the Board of Deutschland Sicher im Netz
    • Member of the German National Cyber Security Council
    • Member of the German UP Kritis Council
    • Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
    • Apprenticeship as a telecommunications technician
  • Frank Strecker
  • Frank Strecker
    • Senior Vice President Public Cloud Managed Services and Big Data
    • Member of the Supervisory Board: Trusted Cloud e.V.
    • Board Member of BITKOM working group: Cloud Computing and Outsourcing
    • University Degree in Technical-Oriented Business
  • Lena Simons
    Lena Simons
  • Lena Simons
    • Expert Security Management
    • T-Systems International GmbH
    • Strategic Alignment Internal Security
    • Master of Arts in Europäistik
    • Master of Science in International Management
  • Nina Brandau
    Nina Brandau
  • Nina Brandau
    • Bitkom Digital Association
    • Digital Transformation with German Education System
    • Strong Networks for Women in Tech
    • Empowerment STEM Education for Girls and young female talents in IT
    • Master Erasmus Mundus Euroculture
  • Tiana Trumpa
  • Tiana Trumpa
    • XR Innovation Lead
    • Technology and Innovation
    • Product Management
    • 5G
    • Winner of Women’s STEM Award 2015
    • Femtec Alumna
    • Master of Science in Industrial Engineering


Deutsche Telekom: We shape the digital world to bring people closer together

We are paving the way into the gigabit society. As a leading ICT company, we are shaping the digital world of tomorrow with our innovative solutions for consumers and business customers. Our mission is to bring people closer together and to simplify and enrich their lives in the long term.

To achieve this, our employees connect everything that can be connected. They change the business world with pioneering cloud offerings, make the Internet a safer place with Magenta Security solutions, and make cars talk to each other. They make sure other companies are future-ready with new business models and innovation projects like artificial intelligence, IoT, M2M and Industry 4.0 – small and medium-sized companies as well as global players. Our customers come from every industry and have one thing in common: they all need a partner with innovative minds on its team. Namely us.

And we can guarantee that our jobs are as exciting and varied as our business. Let's work together to drive digitization forward. You can find your perfect entry route at: www.telekom.com/jobsearch.

Our innovations aren't just trailblazers for the digital future. They emerge as part of a workplace and corporate culture in which sharing ideas is top of the agenda, and the seemingly impossible is made possible. As a pioneer in the digital revolution, we use the best technologies, we are constantly learning, and we grow with every new challenge. It is in this inspiring working environment that our colleagues turn visions into reality.

Who we need
We are looking for individuals who can share their ideas, helping us to translate technological innovation into top-class products and solutions. People who see things from a different perspective and who question established ideas. Team players who are passionate about helping shape future trends in a connected world.

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